Come to the Source

Come to the Source

When we think about creativity, so often it is in the context of what we can produce. Recently, I have been thinking about another valuable piece of creativity, and that is our source of that creativity. For me, creativity flows from my faith in God. I find my closest communion with that light and joy in one of the temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Taking time to access that level of light and purity sustains my creativity, in all aspects of my life.

Where is your source of pure creativity? What fuels your spirit, mind and heart in ways that illuminates, expands and inspires? Often, these sources take time to access, competing against burdens like COVID, family disappointments, relational tragedies, and the uncertainties and hardships of life after divorce.

However, going to our sources of enlightenment will sustain and fortify our ability to be more than just survivors but thrivers, too. These moments allow us to expand and shine, free to access our unique and beautiful creative abilities, above, around and in spite of any barriers cluttering our lives.

So take faith and feed your light! We have much still to become.

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