Creative Flow

Creative Flow

For the longest time, the idea of “creative flow” flummoxed me. “What in the heck are they talking about?” I would ask whenever I heard the phrase. Until recently, my ability to create was shelved. Managing heartache, trauma, loss, disease, the gentler parts of our minds and hearts can be silenced in order to just survive day to day.

Gratefully, God is kind and through different friends, family members, books, shows, social media posts, etcetera, the invitation to add creativity to my toolbox for survival, and eventually as a form of thriving, became larger and more inviting with time. I discovered that I loved the thrill of working with a paintbrush, making an image in my mind spring to life at the tip of the brush, taking on its own character and shape through the transfer. I found applying color to paper, whether through marker, pencil or paint, soothed my racing thoughts and anxious heart. And most recently, I have found that writing for fun, not just to process heartache or loss, but to dream, explore and create is something my brain looks forward to after a long hard day of balancing family and work responsibilities.

In other words, I have discovered what “they” meant by creative flow. It is that magical thing that exists to bring us joy, relief, connection and discovery irregardless of the hardships, anxieties and burdens present in our life day after day. Creative flow is a door in our souls that has opened, allowing us to feel true freedom and flight even as we are bound by worldwide pandemics, laws and restrictions.

I encourage you today to find that creative thing that will give you lift. For me, I had to start so small, picking up a coloring book as my safest starting point, for example. And it took appreciation, noticing and appreciating the incredibly diverse possibilities others around me use to create, to let their souls sing, to take that leap and let their unguarded selves take form through an innumerable amount of avenues, skills, materials and options.

Our creative selves may be silenced by our hardships, but once we include that part in our recovery and healing, joy will flow.

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