Growing Light

Growing Light

As we wrap up this mini-series on mindfulness, I have been pondering the life changes that daily mindfulness practice can bring. One of the struggles of my life has been the overwhelm of emotion (usually anger or frustration) I encounter throughout my day and my life. I have read books, applied goals, and a nice, heavy cup of shame in an effort to reform this part of myself.

But mindfulness has accomplished what the above has only given halting success to. Happily, I acknowledge that I am a deep feeling, strong emotion kind of a woman! The serenity and strength I desire to access that gift in useful and powerful ways has been made possible through the practice of mindfulness. My mind has been trained to better handle the influx of thought, emotion, and burdens of modern living.

And like a the growing light of a new day, this gift of mindfulness has quietly and steadily enlarged my capacity to better balance and attend to all we as mothers, women, friends, daughters, and survivors have to do in our lives.

So if you are just beginning your mindfulness journey, keep going! Like all practices, it can be cumbersome and uncomfortable and even annoying in the beginning. But those are small obstacles compared to the huge gains waiting for your! And to those of us who have advanced from beginner to lover of mindfulness, what has this practiced brought to your life? How have you been changed?

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