Like an Old Friend

Like an Old Friend

I have a dear friend from college I have recently reconnected with. Her’s and my friendship is one of those that picks up where it left off, we are in sync regardless of the time and space that has passed between us. She is also unique in that she one of the few people where ideas and conversations flow with such absolute ease as to allow unapologetic expression of our most vulnerable thoughts and experiences. She truly is a kindred spirit.

I mention her today because our friendship represents a growing understanding I have of mindfulness as well. Meditation, purposefully choosing to focus on one element of our life at one given time, ie the breath or the sound of the rain or the intricate details of the tree outside our window, can become like finding and reconnecting to a friendship that has spanned the test of time. It can be a refuge, a quiet sanctuary for our lives. But, like those friendships, it also must be cultivated, cared for and practiced. My friend and I have had our ups and downs, as has my relationship with mindfulness been. But once we begin to “get it”, it’s like this whole new gift has become ours.

If you are struggling to find the joy or even benefit in your mindful practices, keep going! Explore the many apps that are now available, read the books, keep searching and exploring until you too have found a space where you can really soak in the healing benefits of mindfulness.


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